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Kolt and Laura Bridges - Denver Campus Pastors

A word from Kolt Bridges (Lead Pastor-Denver):

We realize that many people don't want to visit a church (even those who are a little bit spiritually curious) because they feel like “the church” is just going to condemn them.  Sometimes, this is a misconception of “the church” and other times it is, sadly, a harsh reality, which breaks my heart. However, I can assure you that is not and never has been, the heart of Christ.  Jesus never condemned those who weren’t “religious.” He spoke to them with love and compassion.  The ones that were the religious hypocrites…those He condemned.

It’s our heart to teach the Word of God in love and truth, without pointing a finger at anyone’s flaws. It’s not our job to make someone change. We do believe that with growth, there will be change that happens, but the change is ultimately between you and God.                                                                                                           

Our goal is to build a community of family-like small groups who simply want to enjoy life together, have fun and study God’s Word in a genuine and applicable way. 


Have an awesome day,

Kolt Bridges
Lead Pastor
Freedom Church - Denver